I really wanted to come up with new character design, as I'm trying to figure it out more while working on the character design course. I'm not even sure how the scientist idea came up, I think I just brainstormed the possibilities for a new character after shaman, miner, astronaut. Apparently, the next logical occupation is cyberpunk scientist :D

The final idea came to life during the research stage of course. In the beginning, I was looking for more Rick-like character attributes. The only thing I knew was, that it will be modeled with similar topology like the other ones and without sculpting to keep it really simple.

The research and PureRef referece board was a messy part. I really didn't know what to look for, I had only the rough idea. I found this cartoon scientist dude and liked the style of the head and the body height, so that was my starting point. But I really needed to come up with nice cartoon body shape and style, so all the sketches you see on the board are there for the purpose of researching the body shape. If you explore the board more, you will see the images I've just stumbled upon while doing this search and it lead me to sci-fi and cyberpunk style. So the details like the coat, spherical drones and eye gear didn't just pop into my head. Ah, magic of research and reference!

I don't love sketching characters :D It can go wrong on so many levels and discourage you to continue. But in the end, the purpose is just to roughly get the proportions, layout and some details you mix and match from the research phase. So don't worry about the sketch quality. And it get's better over time. To be completely honest, I had to make the hand smaller in Photoshop after I scanned it, because it was monstrously large :D

It was time to push vertices, so here are some snapshots from the modeling process.

So, this was the Crazy Scientist scene, I really I hope you enjoyed it and it can help you with your next work.

You can watch the process video on YouTube