This is again one of those generic scenes and I had the idea resting in my list for a while. For some reason, when I think summer, small pizza place in the evening comes into my mind. There were multiple ways how to approach it, but I've decided not to do a flat shaded low poly style and I didn't want to go realistic with textures, so I settled with a cartoon direction. That way, I can exaggerate proportions a bit more, do everything a little bit more pronounced and bulky. In the end, the shapes can make a scene like this really cute.

For the reference board, I've chosen a bunch of images, connected with Pizzeria. I was looking mostly at traditional designs. Again, I'm using PureRef software to quickly put these together. As you can see, several details made it to the final design. Shelf with bottles on the wall, firewood pizza oven (even though this one was outdoors), shape of the chairs, chalkboard, tablecloth and the cluster of the images on the wall. Even the plant leaves and seasoning on the table. If you inspect this closely, you can see how much of the scene is ideated with help of a reference.

As always, I go for a sketch before committing to 3D and this really helps me to layout the scene and see the proportions and cartoon design of the objects. I was quite satisfied with the layout and placement of the details, so I went ahead and added some things, like the plant, wine crate in the corner and stone floor.

Now just some healthy tips from a 3D modeling process :)

So, that's the pizza place scene for you, I hope you enjoyed it and it can help you with your next work.

You can watch the process video on YouTube.