Become a 3D Illustrator

Most effective beginner Blender course on the market. Go from simple cubic design all the way to complex low poly colorful illustrations in 5 episodes and 25+ hours of content.

$297 $148.50 + TAX


3D Characters and Illustrations

Expand your Blender knowledge and learn to create fully rigged 3D cartoon characters. Dive deeper into 3D techniques and learn to create smooth shaded colorful illustrations, hard surface modeling techniques and get your hands on sculpting.

$297 $148.50 + TAX


3D Lettering

Unlock your creative potential, learn Blender from scratch and create beautiful 3D type layouts to complement your designs, websites, or social media posts.

$69 $34.50 + TAX


Ultimate 3D Bundle

Get all Polygon Runway courses in a single bundle! Your one stop career-changing course bundle to get from zero to hero in the quickest and most effective way.

$397 $198.50 + TAX



Brian Moon

Senior UX/UI Designer, Unity

"I can confidently say that the course helped me get into 3D faster than any other platform out there. Roman breaks down Blender into digestible chunks that are practical and I was able to apply those techniques into my daily design workflow. I highly recommend for anyone."

Neil Cueto

Principal Design Manager, Microsoft

"I've struggled with Blender in the past and have tried to follow along various YouTube channels, but Roman's approach and teaching style made it effortless to pick up Blender and render fantastic scenes. I would highly recommend anyone who's thinking about learning Blender, to take this course."

Branden Thornton

Product Designer, Twitter

"Definitely take this course if you’d like to level up your 3D skills! You get better and better with each lesson."

Casey Britt

Visual Design Lead, Riot Games

"I took this course as a break from my day to day work of designing interfaces. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it and I look forward to finding some ways to weave Blender into my daily work. Roman does an incredible job of keeping things clear and concise. This is easily one of the best courses for a design tool that I've ever taken."

Aaron Weyenberg

Director of R&D, TED

"Where many courses bring a generalized tone to their audiences, Roman makes you feel like he's your personal tutor. The content and intentional progression is well structured, and I love that the course isn't over-produced. The authentic feel of each lesson makes the course distinct, personal, and impactful."

Bruno Marinho

Product Designer, Facebook

"Roman's instructions are always detailed and clear. Even if you don't have any background with 3D software, you will quickly be able to get started and develop advanced skills on Blender. All his lessons have very thoughtful examples and once you start practicing, it becomes really easy to create your own things."

Nicolas Torres

Developer and Designer, Epycure

"I've completed my very first composition, and it's both a pride and a relief. Before, I just couldn't find the tools that would unlock my creative mind. Thanks to this course, I now feel I have an infinity to explore, where before I saw only obstacles. Low poly is fantastic, and Roman's teaching is perfect for me."


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Your Instructor

Roman Klčo

Designer and 3D illustrator with a strong passion for learning, creating, & sharing the journey with others. My mission is to inspire and lead designers to unlock their creative potential with 3D illustration by teaching on Polygon Runway channels with an audience of more than 200 000 designers and design enthusiasts.

For 15+ years, I have worked as an interactive and digital product designer in advertising, media and e-commerce. I was always in love with 3D graphics and as soon as I could, I started incorporating it in my designer workflow.

I serve global brands like Google, Nvidia and Waze and help them deliver unique 3D solutions and illustrations.