So, I wanted to create a modern house scene for such a long time. I think I even tried and failed at one point two years ago, when working on city themed dioramas. And now I know why. I didn't take enough time to research proper reference. But this time, I was determined.

So the idea was clear and theme was a luxurious modern architecture with strong summer and party vibes. Last year, when I was passing through Monte Carlo, all those multicolored lights inspired me to create the night version of the ancient ruins, that can be found in my course. I wanted the same treatment here. So I rolled my sleeves and started the reference search.

The thing for me with the architecture photos is, that when I look at multiple designs, they start to blend and I have trouble to keep focused on seeing the differences. So it took a while to really look at the one at a time and pick some, that caught my attention, or had some details I was interested to include.

Again, I filled the PureRef board with all kinds of designs, or photos with mood I was going for. I ended up going for the design in the middle due to complexity and scale of the others, but I used them to fill in other details like light types and colors.

To be honest here, I threw away one sketch halfway through, because I took larger bite, than I could chew on (something like on the bottom left reference image). That was the point I decided for more simple and smaller scale house design, because it was clear, that it wouldn't look good on a diorama. But this is the reason I sketch the designs in the first place. Still, it takes some discipline to be willing to start over after hour of sketching. But I hope it was worth the result.

Now let's have a look at some small modeling and lighting insights :)

So that was the Summer House scene. Thanks for reading and I hope it will help you with your work.