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Behind The Scenes: Cuban Street Illustration

After the London, New York and Rome, this is the fourth in the places series. I'm trying to avoid any kind of landmarks, I want to achieve the atmosphere of the city purely with building design choices, props and cars. For Cuba, it was kind of a no-brainer, since I knew I will include some of...


Behind The Scenes: 3D Galaxy Cruiser Illustration

I had an idea for this ship sitting in my list for weeks, even months. Finally I was able to find some time and dig into this. It was a special case for me, because I remember a paper model of this ship all the way back in the 80's. At the time, it was issued in a local magazine as a paper...


Behind The Scenes: Pizza Place Illustration

This is again one of those generic scenes and I had the idea resting in my list for a while. For some reason, when I think summer, small pizza place in the evening comes into my mind. There were multiple ways how to approach it, but I've decided not to do a flat shaded low poly style and I...


A beginner's guide to learning 3D design & illustration

What started decades ago as a cutting-edge technology that transformed many industries is now a convenient design tool that’s more available than ever. Today, when you open Dribbble’s homepage, you’ll come across tons of beautiful 3D designs. 3D is a very convenient way for designers to...